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Sarah Tucker is a travel journalist, broadcaster and author.  She teaches yoga in schools and clubs in South West London and Surrey.   She’s won awards for her writing and broadcasting, and written best-selling novels, produced TV, radio and newspaper reports on her travels around the world, and written novels on events which make an impression on her – not usually a good impression. But she always sees the funny side.

She’s presented reports for the BBC Holiday Programme, anchor for ITV day time travel shows and done numerous travel expert slots with bonkers haircuts and bad make-up. 
She devised, presented and co-produced her own travel series on Jazz Fm, with her one-year-old sitting in the corner, who she then proceeded to travel with until he was eighteen.  She’s reported for Classic Fm, co-presented the Share Radio Travel Guide with Simon Rose on Share Radio and is travel editor of the Richmond magazine and Radio Gorgeous.  She writes regularly for Om Yoga magazine and Top Sante. 

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All the Presidents Men



All the Presidents Men

The Dorchester Hotel. I will think about The Presidents Club the next time I am invited to an event here. The British Guild of Travel Writers have sometimes held their annual dinner here and there's been nothing like that going on at our events.

All the world's a stage



All the world's a stage

Interesting times as the world increasingly seems like a dystopian novel of characters, none of whom you can relate to or want to know of. like nightmares coming alive.

The Real Time Travel



The Real Time Travel

As it seems the government are trying to do everything in their power to penalise travelling with you child in school term time, still cherish the time you have with them.