Covers the extensive travels of Sarah Tucker and her young son Thomas during the first 10 months of his life. She revisited places where she had travelled as a single woman journalist, to see how easy or otherwise it is to travel with a baby, as an older, successful mother with a disposable income.

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Sarah Tucker dispelled the myth that having a baby restricts your travel in her first book, HAVE BABY WILL TRAVEL. Now, Sarah uses her vast experience of travelling with her son to bring parents everything they need to know to take off with their toddler. Despite often being the most difficult time to travel with children, it can be made easier, painless, and even enjoyable.
From identifying what types of holiday are best - relaxing or adventurous - Sarah highlights the most child-friendly destinations and resorts. Other chapters include the lowdown on transport and how to make the journey go smoothly; health factors, including which countries to avoid; packing for you and your toddler; the inside guide to hotel and restaurant chains. This practical guide is packed with good advice and all the reassurance you need to make your holiday worthwhile.

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Do holidays fill you with dread?
Where do you go if you want to think, relax, breath, and find yourself again?
And, just as important, where should you avoid?
This book explores which climates and cultures are therapeutic for loneliness, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, anger management. Where feeds your soul.

The sun, sand and sea holiday most of us choose is not always best for our emotional well being, and one person's perfect break can be another's nightmare.

THE A TO ZEN OF TRAVEL looks at the types of journeys that rid us of emotional baggage and those which add to it.

"You will never choose your holiday the same way again. This is a remarkable, innovative book which will not only change the way you travel but the way you think about yourself." Professor Edward de Bono

Recommended by
Psychologies Magazine and Britmums.

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