Sarah has worked as a freelance travel journalist and features writer for over ten years. She is a columnist for Traveller Magazine and The Richmond magazine and frequently contributes to Femail for the Daily Mail, The Times parenting section as well as Good Housekeeping, Eve and Maria Claire.

She also contributes to local newspapers and magazines as well as in flight magazines.

Click on the links below to read these published articles:

The Daily Mail:
So Rich You Want to Slap Them (Part Two)

The Daily Mail:
Meet the Mummy Mafia

The Times:
Call of the Wild

The Guardian:
Wild Things

The Richmond Magazine: there are loads of articles by me, as travel editor, which can be found by
clicking this link to Sheengate Publishing

There's a PDF version of my article in The Richmond Magazine about second homes abroad which you can
read and download by clicking here.