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I visited the Balance Festival again this year. It was brilliant last year and wanted to see if it could either maintain momentum or increase it as everyone seems to be vegan (including me for money
saving as much as planet saving), or on the verge of it,  and with everyone with the exception of those who are able to do something about it (Trump, banks, all those who attend Davos, oil companies, palm oil producing companies, logging companies, car manufacturing companies) everyone realising we are losing our planet through our own greed (or rather all those within the brackets. I was going to include meat farmers, because although they could do something about it, their wealth isn't on the same disproportionate scale as the rest. And I should include travel companies and travel writers, so, yes I'm aware of the hypocrisy.  But #justsaying

The energy was just like last year full of hope. The millennials know how to exercise like the baby boomers knew how to party and whinge. There were areas for punching and HiiT classes, and a new DJ exercise which works every muscle - sort of strictly come dancing meets HiiT  www.bloklondon.com (enter code balanceblok19) on their website and get £25 off.  #heyhotpod delivers hot yoga in a bouncy castle sort of thing. #welltodo will give you the best careers in the wellness industry.  #KXU exercises the mind as well as the body. 

Bacteria is the new black. 

Mouth hygiene #zendium if you want to get rid of only the bad bacteria rather than nuke everything in your mouth.  If bacteria is the new black, the gut is the new brain and everyone was talking about the gut. Check out #VSL#3.  #Probiotics which is what I use told me there were to many myths about probiotics.  Not true the best probiotics are kept in the fridge. Nor that more is better - variety is better allegedly. They gave me some for travel, which protects you if you are going to distant countries and suffer from a dodgy tummy usually.  Excellent idea - check out their website.

There was travel ideas, suggesting Sass-Fee in Switzerland, Lagos in Portugal and Interalpen in Austria is the best @peakhealthswiss@workoutaway @visitaustria are the places to be seen. The challenge is now everywhere is a #wellbeing.

Herbal teas were still in. Love #pukka and they hd a fab wall telling me what dosh I was - mix of pitta and vata . And lovely spring rolls (vegan) from start up #kaleido

This year it became more hi tech.  I can get my DNA sorted via #DNAfit Basically genetically showing me how to be the best I can be.  #chronomics seems to do a similar thing, There was a wonderful moment when I was pummelled by a  26 year old with a G3 gun #theragun which is brilliant. I have an ache in my right shoulder which has been a pain for two weeks. It is either, according to google, torn shoulder cuff, arthritis or cancer.  Murad has skin wellness sorted , #Hair Express for a pre and pose, I mean post workout.

The usual suspects, #almondbreeze were creating amazing #smoothies.  And balls.

Loads of different variations of protein balls. I am so full of dates today (protein balls seem to carry dates), that I'm just drinking juice. 
There was a lot who were focusing on how they are giving back to the environment.  #thezerofoodwastegeneration. but do check out #unrootedenergywww.unrootedenergy.com which is a new start up using the Baobab beans from the tree. I was in Madagascar and its an amazing place being destroyed by greed and ignorance - under the guise of progress and tradition.  I spoke to the young guy on the stand and although they focus on the tree coming from Tanzania, I told him its #Madagascar that needs his help.   #saveMadagascar. 


If you still aren't utterly ready for bed after all that healthy food and exercise, for those suffering from insomnia check out #benenox